Thursday, April 12, 2012


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Jai Gurudev!
It happened recently. I had booked International X-mas Advance course at Bangalore ashram. I was very much thrilled to meet Gurudev in the X -mas time.

I had two weeks’ vacation so I had planned my vacation in such a way that after the advance course I could visit my parents at Kerala. But I totally forgot to book a bus to Kerala (Bus is most convenient for me to reach home from Bangalore). When I reached Ashram on 18th December I checked with Travel desk for a Bus Ticket. No ticket was available. All the buses and trains were full. Somehow I wanted to reach home on 24th morning itself so that I can attend Christmas Mass at church (The Mid-Night mass which offers beautiful moments during Christmas celebration). I tried airlines also. But there was no convenient flight available. At last I went to one of the Travels in the city and checked the availability of a bus ticket for 23rd night. All the buses were full but they offered me a seat just behind the Driver’s seat which I would share with 5 more people. I took the ticket but in my heart I was confident that Guruji will do something for me and will help me to get a proper seat.

So on 23rd evening, after finishing the Advance course, I reached the travel agency at around 7.30PM. The bus was supposed to start at 8.30PM. I asked them if there is any chance to get a proper seat. There was no chance. 8.30PM Bus was full and they asked me to wait for another one which would start at 9.30PM. The 9.30PM bus was about to leave and they called me and told me that there is a seat available for you.
My heart was filled with gratitude. It was HE only who could make this possible.
It may be appear to be a small incident but felt that it may be good to share it with you all.

Jai Gurudev!

Bijumon Philip
Abu Dhabi
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