Sunday, April 1, 2012


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Jai Gurudev!
I would like to share my experience of Guruji. I was on my way to attend Sudarshan Kriya for the first time at an unknown city. It was a very special occasion for everyone as this event was organised in presence of senior art of living teacher Rajashree Patel. A day before the event, I decided that I will take a taxi from central station and will reach to the destination before time. I was pretty much relaxed before my journey.

But when I reached central station; I was not able to find a single taxi around the station or at taxi stop. After 30-40 minutes of waiting I decided to search the venue by myself and started walking at the main road. No doubt before starting I said Jai Gurudev and asked Guruji to show me the correct way.

After 20-25 minutes of walk, I realized that I have reached the outskirt of the city. I came across a small square where suddenly I saw a gentlemen coming towards me. I asked him about my destination’s location. He was not sure but he asked me to come to his home so that he can check in map. He showed me the direction and I started again and kept walking for next few minutes.

After few minutes of walk, I was again in the same situation (lost!!!). After another square and a few more flyovers, I just took a path and started walking towards it and to my surprise I again saw a man walking towards me. I felt so relaxed because I was hardly seeing any people on that day. I asked him about my address and he told me that he going towards same direction (and before meeting him I was walking exactly in the opposite direction)

(I really felt that two times Guruji sent someone to guide me when I was heading towards wrong path)

After reading this you may feel that this is just a small incident but at that time my situation I was really really bad... I was searching for someone to help me and yes guruji was there to help me. He really takes care of you whenever you are in need.

Love you Guruji!!

Sandeep Vadalkar

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