Thursday, April 26, 2012

Miracle during Follow Up

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Dear all this miracle happened today during morning follow up that I was taking. I am Mandar Kamat, aol teacher from Pune. It so happened that today during Sudarshan Kriya the power suddenly went off after ten minutes of Kriya so I rushed to switch the tape on battery but even the battery was showing low so I just prayed to Guruji and surrendered. I again pushed the play button and it started but the power light was blinking showing that battery was low. I just prayed and it ran till the end of kriya and before the shloka, power came and then within a minute the battery went off and I was like wow! Guruji took the kriya even though the battery were low and as soon as the power came battery went off. I shared this with people after Kriya and told them that come what may Guruji is taking care of us every second and he is with us every breath. I just thought I should share this with our fellow devotees. Love to all.

Mandar Kamat.
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