Sunday, April 22, 2012


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I went to Bangalore Ashram for Navratri-2011. I reached there on 27th November 2011. I had only one thing in mind that I want to meet Guruji. After I got the stay arrangement, I slept for some time with the same thought in the mind. After an hour or so I got up and got ready for Rudra Puja which was to be done by Guruji. When I was going for Puja I asked one of my senior teachers if we can meet Guruji. He simply said no during Navratri it is impossible to meet him, you can only see him. I got upset with his answer but somewhere I had in mind that Guruji will meet me. I saw Guruji both the times on 27th (Morning Rudra Puja /Evening Satsang). When he came for the evening Satsang, many people were there and I gave one CD to him. Finally from 28th Sep most awaited Navratri Started we all were in Maun (silence) from the first day. As 3 more days passed (01st Oct) Guruji came for meditation and he guided meditation for around 50 min. It was amazing. But I had only 1 thing in mind that somehow I have to meet Guruji. That evening I said to Guruji while I was taking my dinner that Guruji I want to meet you... I am going on 7th Oct and before this, I want to meet you. Suddenly on 2ndOct, an announcement was made that all national participants will have a Special Session today at VM after Satsang. At that time a thought came in my mind that today Guruji will come to meet all of us but then I dropped the thought and did evening Puja and Satsang. 

After Satsang, I ran for VM and as we all settled down there. Swamiji came there and said Guruji is going to come but nobody will touch him because of Navratri. I had no words as for what will I say to Master. After around 50 minutes, HE came to VM and he was very-very near to me and he sat and gave beautiful poses and he said that as everyone is in Maun (silence) so there is no question of talking but then he said you can talk to me for some time and everyone got very-very happy. I asked him 2 Questions and he answered me and gave great darshan to me and everyone present there at the VM. That was one of the most Beautiful Night in My Life. He fulfilled my Dream. And then 3rd Oct became a big-big day in my Life when I touched Guruji’s Charan when he came to Gaushala and gave darshan to everyone. This Navratri was amazing!!!! I will never forget this... Guruji gave me everything...even that which I never thought of...
Love You Very-Very Much Guruji...!!!
Jai Gurudev!

- Amit Vyaghrambare

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