Thursday, April 5, 2012


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This is amazing story I want to share that happened to my friend Mamatha yesterday who is a teacher from Hyderabad. Yesterday on laxmi puja evening she was going to her relative’s place to celebrate diwali and burst crackers there. Suddenly her car halted on a busy road and out of nowhere one man who was standing near that place (where her car halted) asked if he could help her as he was a mechanic. He tried to repair the car for 20 minutes still was not able to start it. By that time another mechanic had also come that too with tool box in hand and offered to help and in another 20-25 minutes the car started. In the meantime she had called me and I was watching live satsang of Guruji from Surat and sitting in her car itself she was able to do the meditation that Guruji took (by listening it over the phone). Secondly, when the car got repaired the mechanic asked for Rs 1000 plus as charges which was too much. As it was laxmi puja that day, she had done pooja with the money at home and was carrying only Rs 320 at that time so she gave them that much only and she showed them her purse and so the money was also saved. She also had a wish to burst crackers with slum kids near her house and when the car started it was late so she didn’t go to her relatives’ but went back to her house and burst crackers with the slum kids near her house as was her sankalpa.

All our wishes are taken care of when the Master is in our life.

Jai Guru Dev

Mandar Kamat

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