Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tricky ways of teaching!!!

Tricky ways of teaching!!!

I belong to Jodhpur and I am currently posted in Jammu as a teacher in Army. I live on Gurudev's grace. How Guruji cares for us is really miraculous. Innumerable miracles have been happening since I came under the blanket of his grace. It is my first attempt to pen a piece of writing.

It was Sep 2009. I was going to Jodhpur on leave by Kalka-Barmer Exp which I boarded from Ambala. On reaching Bikaner I felt like having a hearty meal. The train was to stay there for 20 min as told by GRP personnel on duty. I just informed my co passengers,
an old couple & went out of the station to a Dhaba(restaurant) & enjoyed mouth watering curry pakoda & Tandoori with butter. I quickly returned the station with my tummy fully satisfied. But to my utter horror there was no train!! It had just left d station and was going about 200 metres away. The signalman expressed his helplessness. I didn't have time to report anywhere. I remembered Guruji & ran after the train for 200-300 meters shouting for it to stop. The people nearby suggested me to take any vehicle from the nearby Deshnok chäuraha to reach merta road before the train. I was breathless but I still ran towards the circle. Within a span of a few seconds I was able to think of tens of ways to reach Merta Road before d train. I was just uttering Guruji's name.

To my utter surprise & pleasure an Angel came to inform that the train had stopped. I couldn't even thank him & ran back. But alas! No sooner did I reach the tracks, it started again. I ran after it with my full speed & stamina, shouted & signalled it to stop. Luckily the guard noticed me. The train again stopped & finally I boarded it.

Guruji has His own ways of teaching. He has led me from a common rural lad to a sincere seeker on the path and an instrument of the divine knowledge.

- Oma Ram Choudhary.

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