Thursday, March 1, 2012

My mother got well

My mother got well

Jai guru dev!

6 months back, on one unfortunate day, my mother got vision problem and headache. When we consulted a doctor, we were shocked to find that it was not just a vision problem but nerve from brain got bulged due to weakness. Doctor also added that it was critical since that nerve was brain connecting nerve and operation should be done immediately otherwise nerve might blast. Worst part was that even if operated, it was a great risk and there was a high possibility for her to get paralysed or she might even drop into coma!! We were crestfallen...

My sisters and brothers started arranging money for operation because it was to cost much; also they are capable (financially strong). But I come from middle class and Guruji is my only hold and hope.
I immediately sent a mail for blessing and left for seeing Guruji (at Bangalore).

It was not as easy as I had thought. It was very difficult to meet Guruji. Guruji came in a car and lots of devotees surrounded him. Also, Guruji called one art excel teacher and she took aarti and gave chukku coffee to Guruji and later also Guruji called her separately (after Guruji had gone to his kutir). But he didn’t care about me in any way.

I broke down. I thought my prayer was not deep. Then I sat on a place and prayed more...after that also Guruji did not come. This time I really broken down and felt inferior... felt am I not true... Why Guru met all others and not me. Am I not eligible ... I grumbled...
Any way I issued my request in letter and gave it to Guruji. Without saying any word and even without any smile, with a more rough face, Guruji plugged the letter.
I returned to Chennai...
For a long time only one thought came in my mind and I grumbled and felt that I am not lovable to Guruji...
Operation (coiling) was to be carried next morning. On the night before operation, I didn’t sleep much and woke up early morning at 3am. Then I came to a conclusion that God is my only hope and thereafter I prayed from 3.30 am to 5.30 am on top of my apartment. Security doubted me to be a thief and whistled. Even then I didn’t get up and continued chanting and praying. During the time of operation also, I didn’t speak much and prayed OM Namah Shivaya...OM Namah Shivaya. This knowledge was given by Guru.

Now the bad phase is over. My mother is carrying her day to day activities as a normal 75 year woman without major complaint. Doctor says that your mother is a very brave lady. And that doctor never expected this much normality /improvement after such operation. He added this is a miracle that he has seen.

Jai guru dev what more can I say....may God and Guru keep my mother and all people happy, peaceful and healthy ...... OM...

Jeganathan komagan

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