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My Guruji takes care of me ... always :)

My Guruji takes care of me ... always :)

Around 5 years back, when I was new to Art of Living, I did not practice my Kriya very regularly. I had a lot of health problems and was on constant medication. I had seen Guruji just once and my faith in him was firm that I would be protected by him always. I live with my mother in Mumbai and during that period she had to visit Singpore to care for my sister, Joyotee, who was expecting a baby. It was the first time in my life that I would be staying alone; earlier whenever my mother needed to leave the city, I moved to my elder sister, Kasturi's place, close to our residence. However, she had recently moved to Chennai and my mother was a little apprehensive about my diet due to my constant ailments. It was decided that Kasturi would visit me in Mumbai for a few days (she had her daughter Oishee and husband Gopal to look after as well), and I insisted on trying to live alone for some days.

I did my Sudarshan Kriya when I felt I had the time, although my family insisted that I should be more regular. My sister had to suddenly leave for Chennai as Oishee would be left alone due to Gopal's official tour. I was happy that I had got the chance to spend a few more days on my own and that too preparing for my trip to Singapore to join my mother and meet Joyotee, her family and especially her new born son. Just before my flight to Singapore, I did my Sudarshan Kriya very devotedly and prayed to Guruji to take care of me. I had a smooth travel in spite of the rains and heavy security towards the airport following the unfortunate blasts that had rocked Mumbai local trains a few weeks before. During my immigration and security check, Kasturi and Oishee called me from Ashram (they were undergoing their Advance Course in Meditation) and I heard Guruji's voice which I knew was his blessing to me.

When in Singapore I had a good time with the family and did not practise my Sudarshan Kriya regularly. However, there was that feeling of being surrounded by a shield. A day before we were to return, my sister and I decided to go out with my niece but it somehow turned out that just the two of us went and my niece was left at home with my mother and her little brother. We were on our way in a brand new cab with a well experienced driver. Singapore has smooth roads and traffic, unless during peak hours, when traffic moves at a very swift pace. As with everything else Singaporeans strictly obey all traffic rules, one being that you have your seat belt strapped all the time when you are in a moving four wheeler; even the passengers in the rear seats have to strictly adhere to this rule. However, I was not used to this and always had to be reminded by my sister or brother-in-law when they drove. That day, however, my sister was also in the rear seat with me and she didn't notice that I did not have my seat belt on. We were cruising at quite a speed and leafing through some magazines in the cab when there was a sudden impact with our the vehicle; the car in front of ours swerved and our cab bumped into it with a big impact, rebounded and again bumped straight into an entrance wall to a gas station. Our vehicle banged into the wall with the bumper and headlights on the left - the same side that I was sitting... the speed and the impact shook us and the other car driver couldn't be seen as the air bags in his vehicle had blown up.

We immediately decided to jump out of the vehicle when it came to a jarring halt. Joyotee was aghast to see that I didn't have my seat belt on as usual and it was my side of the car that took most of the impact! However, I was fine, with not a scratch, bump or strain anywhere. My sister was in shock and the staff at the gas station helped us to their office while the police and ambulance were called. She was taken in a stretcher as was the driver of the other car to the hospital where she was diagnosed with no real damage other than shock and a "whiplash" on her back due to the impact. The other car driver was also not injured and our cab driver was fine. I was perfectly normal, with no feeling of fear, shock or any after effects. My brother-in-law had driven down from work and saw us through the hospital and police formalities. It was then that it struck us that we had been through a miracle when my niece had decided to stay back home and I, who had coolly thought that whatever I do, my Guru would take care of me and had actually experienced His Grace. He had seen me through an auto accident without any damage to me physically or emotionally. My sister, recovered from her pains soon and in a few months she too underwent the Basic Course after her personal experiences with Guruji.

My mother thanked Guruji for His blessings and we are ever grateful for His Grace.

Yes, Great Guruji looks after us always...

Now I am more attentive towards my Kriya and try to be as regular as possible.


-Soma Banerjee

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