Thursday, March 15, 2012



Jai Gurudev!

This story is the recent one from the many blessings given by Guruji. I was on a vacation and travelling to my home town via train. While travelling I accidently sat on my phone and its touch screen got damaged due to pressure on it. I couldn’t attend or make call. Neither could I use its camera which I required badly for my trip. I tried all means to fix it on my own, but the phone's touch screen was not working. I was really tensed and was not getting as to how will I manage my vacations and as a student I was tensed about the money required to repair it.

I prayed to Guruji for a miracle and to make my phone working but I knew that I was asking too much as it was an electronic fault which can only be repaired by replacing the screen and it was impossible to restore it. But still I continued hoping and kept praying to Guruji to help me. All of a sudden I received a call from home and Guruji's picture appeared on screen which I had saved as a call image and guess what, after saying Jai Gurudev I touched the screen in a hope to receive the call and a miracle happened. I could receive the call and the phone was normal all of a sudden. It was a real time blessing as Guru ji always keeps a track of his devotees. I was very happy to find my phone normal after a long struggle. And I enjoyed the trip and clicked many photos and the phone is working perfectly till now.

-Sundeep Suthar

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