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Master's Master Plan

Master's Master Plan

After association with Art of living, each and every moment is a Guru story. Lot of incidents happen where we feel Guruji’s presence in our life. I will try to write down an incident which my family faced 2 months back.

We (myself, my husband, my parents, my in-laws), 7 of us, were very fortunate to attend the 30th year celebration at Berlin. It was my father’s big dream to visit Germany and it also got fulfilled. He had a heart attack 7 years back after which he was completely under medication. I didn’t bother to take him to a doctor to check whether he is fit enough to travel or not because I had faith that nothing is going to happen.

When we were entering the stadium, he started facing some breathlessness. He was not able to walk. One of the senior teachers who was with us that time gave him blessings and he started walking by holding his hand. After that he never said anything about this problem. From Berlin we went to Zurich, Munich & Dubai.

After the joyful and memorable journey, my parents were planning to return back to their native place on 13thmorning. 11th night my father had the some breathlessness. He didn’t inform anyone except my mother. He kept the tablet under the tongue for the safe side. Early morning when I went to his room, I found that he is very much tired, but he said he is fine and doesn’t think feel the need to visit a doctor. So we went about our routine. Before leaving for office, however I thought of giving him Guruji’s blessings. I kept my palm on his head. The next moment, I felt very very hot on the palm and tears were coming from my eyes. Felt like something is wrong and that I need to take him to hospital. I checked his body, it was not hot. He was totally against consulting a doctor, he wanted to go to Kerala, and he was saying that after reaching there he will consult someone. But the intuition that I was having was different. I convinced and took him to doctor, a physician. He advised us to consult a cardiologist. He gave an injection and allowed him to travel seeing my father’s interest to be there in his native place. My brother was coming from Dubai on the same day to Kerala for his annual vacation.

While coming out from the hospital, just as ‘nimith’, we met the physician again and he asked us to take a second opinion. When we consulted another cardiologist in the next ½ hr, he immediately admitted my father in ICU. He had a stroke and his situation was becoming worse. I called up my brother; he was boarding his flight to Kochi. After reaching Kochi, in the next flight he came to Hyderabad.

My father was under support system and his BP was very low. We all had strong faith that Guruji is taking care. But after 3rd day also when situation did not improve, doctor was disappointed and shared the same with us. Some relatives were of the opinion that the trip might have caused this situation. I was extremely upset that day ... it was ‘Guru Poornima’ day.

We still believed that Guru’s grace is more than anything. I sent sms to all the teachers and blessers whomsoever I knew. Wrote to our blessings site. Eventually we noticed the changes happening... From some where we got all the strength. One of the senior teachers came to hospital; we requested the ICU security & doctor in charge to allow him inside for giving blessing. We kept Guruji’s photo under my father’s pillow. In an hour we observed that suddenly his BP came to 120/60 which was around 60/60 from last 3days... Doctor said after 2 days he can be shifted to the room.

After reaching home I watched the live program of Guru Poornima and we completely surrendered. After the meditation, we felt relieved and free from all tensions. The next day we went to ICU to see my father; and got the GREAT news that he is getting shifted to the room. After reaching the room, suddenly I remembered Guruji’s photo (it was a paper) I went and asked the ICU staff whether it is there on the bed. They couldn’t find it. When I came back to the room, I found that Guruji’s photo was stuck on the back of my father’s shoulder. YES…. “HE” WAS THERE WITH HIM...

Doctor suggested a bypass surgery and categorised it as a high risk surgery. We were not having any clue as to who is a good doctor, where to take him etc. We met one of our teachers in the hospital very unexpectedly (it was a nimith), he mentioned the best surgeon’s name but his dates were completely booked. Our teacher took us to the surgeon and introduced us. It was completely a very personal care that we received. Everything went well. Our Art of Living family members came forward for donating blood. There were 7 people ready for blood donation one day before the surgery. But blood bank team said only 4 units needed. But during the surgery they used 7 units and we replaced 3 units later from our aol family. The moment we closed our eyes, we could see Guruji next to my father. After the surgery when he was in ICU, his face was glowing even though he was completely on support system.

Each and every moment was well planned. It was our karma to go through this. But how well Guruji planned and helped us to sail through, cannot be explained in words. My brother spent complete 1 month vacation for my father’s treatment. He didn’t have any issue with taking long leave. He left for Dubai the very next day my father got discharged. I had got new job offer confirmation on Guru Poornima day, when we were sitting in front of the ICU. After my resignation, I took a month’s break before joining at the new job to take care of him. I was expecting this offer in the month of March and then left it without any hope. If I would have received the offer at that time, I would have faced lot of difficulty in getting leaves in the new job.

It is completely true that ‘we plan the future seeing the present and GURUJI plans the present seeing the future’.

We were just witnessing the DIVINE's plan .It was HIS grace working all the time...
All these incidents made us much stronger within with strong faith that Guruji is there to take care.

My gratitude to Guruji, to all his instruments … who were helping us... being with us all these days... we have such a great family with us.

We all are very fortunate...

Jai Guru Dev
With all Pranams to Guru Dev

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