Sunday, March 25, 2012


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A new day started, sun was shining and the time was nearly around 9 am... I was yet feeling sleepy on that day even though I got up & got engaged in doing all routine work. I was feeling too much cold on that morning, so I again went to my bed and covered myself with two blankets and told my mom, "Please switch off the fan”.

I realized I was having fever and got tensed at that time. I lay on the bed till around 6 p.m., I didn't even wake up to eat my breakfast & lunch. Generally, I don't take medicine immediately, I waited till the evening and then I told my dad to take me to the doctor and we went, and I told to doctor uncle, "Please do anything immediately, if you want to give injection then you may give, you may give bottle of glucose… do anything what you want to do."
"By anyhow, I want to get well as tomorrow is my exam and these are the final exams of the semester, I can't drop these exams”. Then doctor told me, "cool down cool down, we will do something" and he examined me and said that, "You have typhoid fever, so there's no chance that you can give your exam and I also suggest you personally that leave this exam".
I said, "Please do something", then he told, "okay take these medicines and go to sleep but don't hope that you can go to give exam". I was tensed again. We went to our home and I lay down. Mom was asking what did the doctor said. I said that, the doctor is totally mad, he does not know ANYTHING.
Mom asked again, but I said nothing about what the doctor had told me and said, "please switch off the lights. I want to sleep”. Mom said, "Okay but please eat something and then take medicine and after that go to sleep". I told her that, "I’ll eat after 2 or 3 hours, I am not feeling hungry now and I'll not take medicine”. After few minutes I again shouted, "Mom, please give me the phone".

I called my Part-1 teacher and told him everything, he said some words of encouragement then he said, "Close your eyes" and blessed me. He said, "Jai Gurudev! You’ll go to give exam tomorrow".

I took a blanket and covered my body and even my head & face. I felt so much noise like too many big bells are ringing around me, I was perspiring in the heat and I became wet with sweat.

After 10 or 15 minutes, I woke up from the bed, no no… actually I jumped from the bed and ran to my mom and jumped in front of her and shouted, "It’s gone, fever is goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....................” Mom stared at me and said, “Have you gone mad..??!!”

I took mom's hand & put it on my forehead & she was also shocked. I told her that, "I am feeling hungry, give me dinner". I had my dinner and then took medicine. Actually I didn't want to take medicine but because my teacher told me to take it, that's why I took it. I studied for an hour, and then went to sleep (without blanket) and next day I went to give exam.

Jai Gurudev!

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