Thursday, March 8, 2012

“Bag” Full Of Grace!

“Bag” Full Of Grace!

I have so many stories that are too hard to believe. But this one is particularly striking.

I am a total brandoholic. I like them so very much. So I have a tendency of writing on face book wall “God please give me this...I’ll be happy forever”. So one day GUCCI fan club posted new collection on their fan page. I saw this bag and I wrote on their wall “God please give me this." Then I deleted the word "God" and wrote "GURUJI" instead.

In the evening, dad came home. He came out looking for me. He said “I have got something for u." My dad generally does not bring presents. I opened with least interest thinking it must be some eatable (coz that is what he usually gets).

But when I opened it, I was flabbergasted.

It was THE GUCCI BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He said there was an all-bridal-thing-exhibition and that it was on his way, so he casually "PICKED” up the clutch for me. I was shell-shocked.

And since then my love for him is increased in geometric proportion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Divya Upadhyay

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