Thursday, February 16, 2012

With HIS Grace, Life continues to surprise

With HIS Grace, Life continues to surprise

It was Jan 2nd, 2012 which was the first day of work in the New Year. I was at the railway station on my way to board a train early in the morning at 6.20 a.m. I noticed the normal route was blocked on account of refurbishing and repairs. It meant I would have to re-route and walk a bit further to reach platform no 2.

As I was making my way towards platform no.2 taking the other stairway, I suddenly slipped. My footwear flew in one direction and my bag fell in another. I rolled down like a bouncing ball. My head hit the edges of the stairway.

But even as I continued falling, unable to arrest my fall, I felt someone pick me up gently and place me softly on the ground. It was not the thud or broken bones or gashing injuries with blood. On the contrary, even as I was unable to comprehend or make sense of where I was, I was able to dust myself and walk off in a daze to catch the train.

I generally pride myself on having quick reflexes since I am able most of the time to catch things mid-air even as they sometimes slip out of my hands or quickly gather my wits. But this time it was Guru's grace that took care of everything. Even as I fell so violently there was no outward sign of major mishap. I continued through the day marvelling at the 'timely intervention' and felt immensely thankful and grateful for his presence when I needed it.

Life continues to 'shock and surprise' all the time with his amazing grace.

Om Namah Shivaya...


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