Sunday, February 26, 2012



I was at Bengaluru Ashram for Shivaratri 2012 AMC (advance meditation course). The Shivaratri celebrations were filled with such bliss and ecstasy as I have never experienced before.

Shivaratri fell on the 20th which also happened to be the day our course ended. I was to leave early morning on the 21st as I had a flight to catch at 9:10 AM and the Bengaluru Airport is about an hour and a half drive from Ashram. It was during the course only that Guruji decided to perform Rudra Homa early morning on the 21st. I was a bit sad and prayed to Guruji to start the Homa as early as possible so that I could at least have a glimpse of it before leaving. The start time of the Homa was sometimes displayed on the screen as 6AM and then one day it was shown as 6:30 AM. Now, I felt there was no way I could attend the Homa but consoled myself saying that regardless of my physical presence there, Guruji would be performing the Homa for all his devotees.
However, as luck would have it (or rather Guru Grace :)), by the end of 20th night's Rudrabhishekam and Mahasatsang, it was announced that the Homa would start by 5:30 AM. I was so glad that at least now I would be able to have a few glimpses before leaving.

On 21st morning, I arrived at the Yagnashala (where homa was to be held) with bag and baggage at 5 AM and did “Om Namah Shivaya” chanting and Sudarshan Kriya. I could hear the chantings start while I was still in meditation. When I opened my eyes after sometime, I saw Guruji sitting right in front. A message then arrived on my mobile phone. I checked the message and to my utter surprise and joy, found that my flight had been delayed and would now leave at 10:35 AM. I was so happy. I just bowed down to the Master. I could finally attend the Homa fully. Tears of gratitude rolled down my eyes when Guruji waved to everyone, giving blessings at the end of the Homa.
Once you have come to the Master, know that you are completely taken care of... His love for you is infinite... :) :)

Jai Gurudev

-Tushar Kanty Bhattacharyya

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