Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Guru story

My Guru Story

Jai guru dev,
I would like to share my Guru Story with all of you.
This year we went to the ashram during navratri for the advance course. It was a 6 day long advance course. On the 5th night, in VM, Guruji gave darshan to all the advance course participants.

But as I was not aware of this, I missed that opportunity and later when I came to know about this I was very disappointed and I got angry at Guruji and I told Guruji that if he will not give me darshan then I will never come to him.
There were only 2 days left in our departure from the ashram and I felt that now I won’t be getting the opportunity because on ashtami the asharam would be very crowded.

But on ashtami, in the evening satsang, he gave darshan to everyone. We all were sitting in a line and for a second he looked at me and I was very happy and I felt very fortunate having got the darshan. He also gave darshan on the 9th day. So even if I missed one opportunity, I got two instead!!
I was feeling very blessed.


Reshmi Nair
(A devotee)

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