Thursday, February 23, 2012



I am Sameer a YES! & Art Excel Volunteer from Kalyan, Maharashtra. I remember during the rainy season we had our Art Excel course. Participants had to come a long way to the venue to attend the course & as it was rainy season, situation would get worse.

It was the first day of Course and as soon as Deepa di (Faculty of Art of living) started the course; it started rainning so hard outside. When first day of the course was about to
come to an end, Deepa di just told everybody that `You are taken Care of'. Guruji is always there to help you, to protect to you. Just be with the divine & see the Miracle.

As first day came to an end, really rain stopped & everyone was so surprised. Both the times (while coming to the course & while going home) rain used to stop & when all the participants reached home, rain started again.
Guruji I love you & thank you for caring for us.

There are number of Guru Stories. For this time I wanted to share this amazing magic with you all.

Joy GuruDev!!!

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