Thursday, February 2, 2012

His Grace

His Grace

Jai Guru Dev!

I always feel Guruji's presence all around. Just yesterday, after I read Guru story in my email, I felt I should also at least share one. So here is the one that I would like to share with all.

Today, 2nd Dec 2011, my sister inlaw, brother’s wife was admitted in the hospital in New Delhi in the early morning hours for her second delivery. She had labor pains right from the morning and was induced also. Whole day I kept praying for the mother and the baby and was sure that Guruji's Grace is with all of us. I was so sure of Guruji's love and Grace that I got a cake in advance even before the news came. I was having dinner with a few friends but my mind and heart was waiting for the news from Delhi. When the news was not coming till 9 pm, I sent Guruji's picture and a message “Jai Guru Dev” with it to my brother through my mobile and guess what ...just after 10 mins, I got the news that a baby boy bearing weight of 3.5 kgs has been delivered normally and that his Mom is safe.

Tears of joy, love and Gratitude filled my eyes and heart.
Guruji had already blessed the baby.
Thank You Guruji.
My humble pranams at Your Lotus feet.

Anita Kaul
Shanghai, China

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