Sunday, February 12, 2012



Jai Gurudev!

I and all of us have always had unique and different experiences while giving blessings. With me this has always been a Divine Presence.

My father always wanted me to become a Doctor, because of my caring nature of helping everyone who is in pain in our family. I didn't want to become a Doctor but at the back of my mind I always had that. Guruji has fulfilled this wish also. We all are respected like Doctor's when we go for blessing in hospitals.

Last week during Diwali I had an amazing experience. I received a call for blessings from Manish, that bhaiya a little girl Shikha Chauhan is not well and is in ICU and I immediately went to hospital. I have visited people many times in ICU but this was very different, for the first time I had gone to a children's ICU. There were so many little angels who were in pain and were crying. I was moved and silent. I saw Shikha sleeping/little unconscious, only four yrs old, with oxygen mask, inside glass box, both the hands covered with syringes etc. Her father was very happy to see me and wanted me to keep my hands on her head to bless her and removed the glass box in spite of my requests of not doing so.

Immediately after the blessing, she was relaxed and calm. She started to bring her hands together, her eyes were closed. Again for the second time she did the same, then we realized that she had also experienced the Divine Grace and wanted to do pranam and thank Guruji. I held her hand and expressed my love.

While returning home, I was deeply touched and full of Gratitude towards the Master for making us His instrument.

Now Shikha is fine and at home.

Jai Gurudev!
Rajay Shastare.

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