Thursday, February 2, 2012

You just got to Touch Him, He Embraces You with All HIS HEART!

You just got to Touch Him, He Embraces You with All HIS HEART!

Hi! Guru's stories are so many, where there is faith, Guru's grace is rolling !! I have many to share and each as beautiful as another... The last being...

We had gone to Banglore this month. On return the 1-1/2 hour journey to the Airport always seems long compared to the excitement at the time of going when one is so eager to reach the Divine abode. We were returning at around 2pm and somehow I always feel heavy and loaded at time of return (which I am sure most of us do when it is time to return from the gates of the Ashram). I was quiet in the car.

Suddenly I wanted to use the toilet. I kept bearing the uncomfortable situation trying to divert my mind at the fast moving vehicle thinking I will ease myself only at the airport. The ride to the airport has only villages and shops one passes through. However, natures call is such that I had to tell the driver to stop at some motel, hotel or even a petrol pump where I could just relieve myself. Time passed, but no clue of any toilet (leave aside a decent place)! Suddenly after some time the driver stopped near a bakery telling me it is a hotel! I got off from the car, highly disappointed, and did not dream of venturing to the Bakery which was empty with a few biscuit bottles. I knew my face was filled with anguish and they would not understand what I wanted. Just then I saw Big Guru's Face Smiling from a hoarding. That instant I knew.... Just below Guru's hoarding was garland making ladies. I asked them if there was a toilet close by (by this time I was not concerned about the hygiene, cleanliness) coz most important was to relieve myself. They just pointed across the road and said there was a bathroom.
I ran across yet unsure whether they had understood what I spoke! When I crossed the road, I saw "PUBLIC Toilet". My heart sank and I quickly started taking out tissues from my bag, ready to use, anticipating the mess, dirt and stinky place and the ordeal that I would be facing. I rushed in the Ladies Toilet and to my utter disbelief - the place was clean, neat and tidy. No Jaguar fittings, but very decent ceramic tiles, clean basin, water facility and even soap! It was as though my mental fright of a dirty, public toilet, plus the physical discomfort was just taken care off the way I wanted! Needless to add, not a singletissue was also used! I felt so good, smiled and relieved that Guru truly understands even a biological and desperate discomfort!

In continuation, I must add, I reached the airport happy. I was on a 6 PM flight and on reaching the counter overheard the staff saying the 4.00 PM flight was two hour delayed! I was aghast. I requested if I could take the 4 PM flight because obviously 6 PM would be further delayed. They told me that it was not possible as the flight was full. I went through the Security and much later got a message that the 6 PM flight was further delayed to 7.30 PM! I had no heart to wait at the airport brooding. I once again went to the Security, prayed to Guru saying he must help me and get me the delayed 4.00 pm flight to reach as per my scheduled time. Normally the Security once having checked-in, does not allow going down. But this guy obviously had got the 'connect' and happily allowed me to go down. At the Jet counter the rush had become intense for obvious reason. But I knew, with conviction, HE was with me! I approached the counter lady. The lady before me was begging for the 4 PM flight saying she had a medical examination etc. I heard the counter lady refusing her saying the flight was full. My heart sank! Just as that lady prepared to leave, the staff counter, just took the boarding pass out of my hand and even before I could speak volunteered (as though she read my mind) "Ma’am, I only have one middle seat in the last row in the 4.00PM flight. Would you like to take it?" It was as though I was being obliged!! My happiness knew no bounds, that My Guru truly hears me when I yell and scream at him for attention, as also he hears me most when I am silent!! I came home with stories and more stories and just never enough of HIM.

Loads of love to the one who LOVES him with all FAITH....

Tina Wellington

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