Thursday, January 19, 2012

Silver Jubilee

Silver Jubilee

Jai GuruDev!

My mind was set on the Silver Jubilee celebrations (Feb 17-19th 2006) ever since Guruji announced it. But my 7 year old son's upanayanam (thread ceremony) date was fixed for the 19th of Feb .The Maha Kriya on the 19th was initially scheduled to be in the morning and so was the upanayanam muhurtam. I could'nt be at 2 places at one time.’What to do?’ I prayed to Guruji but at the same time I was happy that during the Silver Jubilee we would be in Hyderabad which means closer to Bangalore than Bahrain (where we stay).

Later, the Maha kriya time was shifted to the evening. Then one day, during my kriya, this deep intention came up of being there for the Mahakriya and a message which said 'I’ve changed the time for you, how can you not make it now!?’ My mind started racing excitedly, thinking it must be possible for one to travel from Hyderabad to Bangalore in 4 hours, even if not by regular airlines, then at least by helicopters. This led me to contact our globe trotter real estate friend for a solution.

The upanayanam was to get over by 12.30pm and there was a flight from Hyderabad to Bangalore at 1.30pm that would reach Bangalore by 2.30 pm and hence would give me just enough time to be able to attend the Maha kriya!! So now both were possible and my son's sacred ceremony (that I had actually initiated) took place on one of the most auspicious days and hours later, I was in the midst of 25 lakh people, doing the Sudarshan Kriya and meditating!

Thanks to my mother -in law, husband and family that not only on the 19th but I travelled (though crazily) two times to and fro between Hyderabad and Bangalore to attend the opening ceremony on the 17th and then the kriya on the 19th.

I had tears of gratitude for Guruji, for it was His grace and blessings that got me over there and when after the Kriya, Guruji said 'Wish for something tonight' , I silently wished that ALL those who were instrumental in my being there i.e. my husband, family, pilots, my aunt, auto rickshaw drivers... blessed!!

I had all that I could ever ask for...the bliss of oneness was overwhelming!

- Bhramara Madduri

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