Thursday, January 12, 2012

Everything happens for good

Everything happens for good

I was to join Tata Motors Jamshedpur on the 1st of August 2011. I had booked my ticket from my hometown Guwahati to Howrah and from there I had to catch another train to Jamshedpur. I had two tickets for going to Jamshedpur from Howrah because of the uncertainties of the time of my arrival at Howrah. The first was for JanShatabdi which would leave at 06:20 and the other for Gitanjali Exp scheduled to leave at 13:50.

I was coming to Howrah by Saraighat Express. It left Guwahati on time but due to some problems, it reached Howrah late the following morning. Though I was hoping against hope to reach just before Janshatabdi left for Jamshedpur, it could not happen. Now I had two options, either to wait for 7 long hours at the station for Gitanjali or to catch Ispat Exp. that was about to depart. Waiting for such a long time didn't appeal to me, so I got a ticket in current reservation (general bogey) and got in it with bag and baggage. It was a three and a half hours journey and the entire time, I was standing because there was no seat available. I was so angry at myself and also at Guruji, for this discomfort.

By the time I reached Jamshedpur, I had a nasty headache. I rested for a while but it didn't help. After sometime, I messaged my YES!+ teacher, who was in Jamshedpur at that time, about my arrival. He asked me to come to the YES!+ local centre which was about half an hour ride from where I was staying. Though I didn't have much strength, I decided to go. When I reached there, I found that YES!+ course was going on. I sat in a corner and listened attentively to my teacher. At the same time I felt grateful to Guruji for letting me be part of the Knowledge. My teacher was talking about giving one's 100% and also made us play some games that taught us the importance of giving 100%. After sometime, there was Long Sudarshan Kriya. I decide to give my 100% and not give in to any physical discomfort or drowsiness.

The Kriya was wonderful. I was in a state of Bliss :) :) my headache had disappeared and I felt refreshed and energized. And at that instant I realised that had I come by Gitanjali, it would have been worse and I would have even missed Kriya. Gratefulness for my dear Guruji just filled my heart. He takes care of you always. He loves you.

Jai Gurudev!

-Tushar Kanty Bhattacharyya

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