Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Christmas Story

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A Christmas Story

I first saw His face eighteen years ago on a TV, on a basic course that I took because a person I had just met didn't want to take it alone.I had no idea what it was, but I was seeking at the time and thought I'd give it a go. From that day onwards He has been with me. So many stories of every day miracles, so much love in my life, so much guidance and wisdom, tears and joyous laughter.

Here is one:
I love Christmas music. On my computer I have over eight hours of uninterrupted Christmas music, ranging from Handel's Messiah to Run DMZ. My friends and family do not enjoy the music as much as I do so when I found myself alone on Christmas morning I connected the computer to my stereo system and settled in to getting the house ready for the holiday accompanied by 8 hours of seasonal music.
As I was cleaning the kitchen, I thought to myself that I should have put some bhajans into my Christmas mix, that it would have been a nice addition. Just as the thought come into my mind
Krishna Das began to sing Guru Sharanam. Now mind you, there were no bhajans in my eight hours of Christmas music and yet here was Krishna Das, singing praise to the Guru. I checked the computer to see what was highlighted in the playlist, and there was nothing.
With tears of gratitude I enjoyed my Christmas gift and when the song ended, I was about to start the Christmas music again when I decided to wait and see what was my utter amazement (and delight) it was Bob Dylan singing "You've Got to Serve Somebody".
Merry Christmas to me.
I am sharing this because we are all so blessed to have Gurudev in our lives. Sometimes we may doubt that He is with us and it may seem that we are all alone, but we never are.

Jai Guru Dev with much love and gratitude,
Dawne Ferguson-Prance

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