Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Booking!!!

I booked my KF flight Delhi Pune on December 06th, 2011 at 4PM. On December 05th, 2011, I got SMS from KF that your flight has been delayed by 1 hour. I thought its ok and did not tell my parents who were going to drop me at Delhi Airport. On Dec. 06, 2011, when we were going to Delhi, I again got sms that your flight has been delayed for 3 more hours i.e. now the flight will depart at 8.15pm. I got so scared that after reaching Pune @10.30pm, it would be difficult for me to reach my flat. I still did not tell my parents in the car and I just prayed to Guruji and said, "Please Guruji, do something".

After reaching Delhi airport at 2.30PM, the moment I entered airport, I came to know that one alternate flight was there at 3.30PM. I checked in and did security check in 10 minutes and boarded the flight in total 15 minutes as the boarding time was 2.50PM and reached Pune 5.50PM safely.

It all happened because of Guriji.

Thanks Guruji for being with me always.

Bhawwna Aggarwal

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