Thursday, December 8, 2011

Guruji is taking care

Jai Gurudev..

Here's a Guru Story from my side:

I met with an accident recently when I was driving home from office at 9 pm. The traffic was a regular moving traffic (no jams), then suddenly the car that was in front of me slowed down a lot and without giving an indicator, started taking a U-turn. I was totally unprepared for this, applied a sudden brake, to avoid any mishap. As all the vehicles were moving at a certain speed one following the other, my car could not come to a sudden halt at one go, due to the speed and in the process my face and stomach banged against the steering wheel 3 or 4 times with tremendous impact! My nose started bleeding, my lips immediately got swollen and the skin got torn- I was so scared that some of my nose bones may have got broken and I started imagining what would happen if this is the case, as the nose area cannot even be plastered. I was in tears actually, and then I saw that some people had gathered around me seeing me crying.

I came out of the car and saw that it was very badly damaged with both headlights broken, bonnet got broken and both the two front doors of the car were jammed to a great extent (I got out of the car with great difficulty due to jammed door). The car ahead of me just got very minor scratches but no one in the car ahead got hurt.

I reached out to an Art of Living Teacher angel who is a Doctor: she came to my home at that odd hour (somehow I had managed to reach home that was around 5 kms from the accident site) and gave me first aid. She suggested me to go hospital and get my nose area checked for any possible fracture and also my stomach area checked for any internal injury (as my stomach was also paining at the place where the steering wheel of the car hit me).

When I visited the Doctors for nose and stomach checkup, to my pleasant surprise, I came to know that my nose bones were intact and stomach was also fine- only due to the impact, some pain was there (that was expected), which the Doctors assured me would go away in a couple of weeks. I felt so relieved and thanked Guruji- He took care of me; otherwise looking at the state of the damage of my car, everyone (including me) was very surprised as to how I got saved- anything could have happened to me with such an accident. Then two-three days after my accident, my mother got a dream in which a man in white came and gave her Prasad and said "Jai Gurudev": she believes strongly that the Prasad was the gift of my life that she got back and I fully agree with her and I know that it was Guruji who came in her dreams. My parents and I are so very thankful to Guruji for showering His grace on me.
In gratitude always, thank you Guruji, Jai Gurudev,

Shilpa Aneja

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