Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fueled By Jai Gurudev!!!

Gurudev was to be in washington DC center on Oct 20th evening to 21st Afternoon. He was traveling from Canadian Ashram to our New Boone ashram and then to DC. I was attending the TRM with Gurudev at the Canadian Ashram the past few days. TRM was to end on 20th and as I am from the DC area, my goal was to reach DC on Oct 20th ASAP so I can catch up with Gurudev and meet and greet him again ( as I had been doing for the last 5 days) !!!.

So,I along with three other teachers started our journey back to the US with beautiful chantings of Guru puja and Om namah shivaya. My first challenge/Miracle was at US customs. I am an Indian Citizen with an advance parole , which means at the US borders, I typically can expect spending close to 2 hours. But My teachers said I should just chant "Jai Gurudev" 3 times, before I hand our my passport/documents. and that is what we did. AND my/our utter surprise the Custom officer returned my parole documents and our passports in 2 minutes. Relieved, Happy and Amazed .

As is the norm through out our journey, there were plenty of Guru stories told back and forth. Our journey was marked by breath taking views of the fall colors, sunshine and laughter . My fellow teachers were Hansa dave, Shailey Sharma from DC and Reena Kaushik from NY. We dropped Hansa at her daughters place in West Chester, New york. Hansa was my first Art of Living teacher from 10 yrs back. She has treasure chest full of Guru stories, which she will one day publish. After a nice light lunch at their place, we reached Reena's house in Long Island, New york.

Shailey did remind me that before I hit NYC highways I should fill my gas tank. As it was already 630 pm, We decided to do our Sahaj Meditation before Shailey and I hit the road in separate cars to DC. After a blissful meditation, I forgot all about the gas tank and hit New York City highways with an empty gas tank. My first instinct luckily was to chant "Jai Gurudev" 3 times. From Long Island to NJ Turnpike is about an hour and fifteen minutes easy drive ,so I entered New jersey turnpike but there was no sign of gas stations. Again I chanted "Jai Gurudev" 3 times. After a few miles, I saw a gas exit approximately 10 - 15 miles ahead at Exit 12, and again I chanted "Jai Gurudev" 3 times.

In the meantime, I intuitively switched of all GPS, radio, AC and I was driving at economical speed. Then I entered the gas station and exactly in front of the gas station, my Engine switched off. I was not able to put my car in park or turn my car key to off position. Luckily New Jersey is one of those states in US, where you have personnel Gas serviceman instead of self-service. I informed the serviceman my situation, he tried from windows to turn the key off, it did not work. So on his request I put the hand brakes on and also held on to the leg brakes. I handed him my credit card and he filled about a Gallon of Gas, then the car came back to life. Immediately, with the help of service man, I put the car in parking mode and switched off the engine.

It took me some time to recover from what had just happened. I was speechless. All I could do was share this Gurustory with everybody I could call or speak to . Around the same time, this happened Gurudev entered the DC center as I was following his schedule through my friends at DC. I was so happy and grateful for the remaining 3 hours of my journey. My original goal was to hurry up and attend the satsang with Gurudev but he was showing that he is with me anyways.

So next time, you need any help. just chant Jai Gurudev Jai Gurudev Jai Gurudev!! Many times to " what mantra should we chant in times of need Guruji ? " He has responded with " All you have to do is chant Jai Gurudev that is good enough" . And when we do ....Miracles abound.

Jai Gurudev
Sridhar Govindan

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