Thursday, December 22, 2011

Change of Plans

Change of Plans

Many stories heard and also experienced which bring back the gratefulness and reminding us how lucky we are to be on this path and to be with Guruji , 2 stories though I would like to share.

1. I did my First Art of Living course about 9 years ago after finishing my studies in UK and was immediately drawn into it, many other courses followed ( Advance course , DSN etc ) and Satsang was the most relished thing, my Dad observing that I am getting too immersed in such activities, he insisted that I should get married and I found myself married at the age of 24 ! I still continued with my journey in the spiritual path and the time came that I really wished I could do TTC 1 but was reluctant to talk to my Dad about this and leave the family business for 15 - 20 days and go to the Ashram , I prayed and left it to Guruji , Few months later before the next TTC 1 in the ashram, Bhanu Ma ( Guruji's Sister ) happened to conduct Sehaj Samadhi ( meditation course ) in my city which me and my wife attended and after one of the sessions we casually invited her for lunch at our place and she agreed immediately... after lunch when she was gone, to our utter amazement , the first thing my Dad asked me if I would like to go the Ashram for the TTC 1 !!! ( I had not mentioned about my wish to Bhanu Ma at all but what I came to know later on that she had a brief talk about art of living activities and seva projects and about TTC with my Dad when I was away for few minutes !)

2. We moved to Australia 5 years ago from India after a big loss in the business which had a huge set back on us financially , I immediately got a job in a call centre and things started flowing smoothly for myself and my wife ( she found her first job a year later we moved to Australia ) but last year I was feeling a bit down and I wanted to start something on my own as I had enough of doing a call centre Job, this feeling got intense and I happened to visit aAshram in July 2010 ( once again I offered my desire to Guruji ) , I came back to Australia and 7 days later I got a call from my friend who just started a new internet business and asked if I would like to invest as a partner !! I took this as a sign and immediately said yes and left my job and started working from home for the new company , but there was one condition that I had to move to a different state as the head office was there and my friend wanted me to handle the office while he stays in US , this was a big step and we were not comfortable with this move, It was time to surrender to Guruji again , I went alone for few months to set up the office but while I was working there I was all the time praying that a miracle happens and that we dont have to move and guess what ? it did happen ! couple of months later my friend decided to move the head office to US and shut this office down ( which means I could go back and work from home ! )

All this and many other incidents in our life has made our faith stronger and stronger and made me realise that there is a higher power taking care of everything and that all we have to do is surrender and Miracles will happen.

Jai Guru Dev !

With Love

Amit Taneja

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