Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanks to Guruji for our second life!!!

Jai guru deva

On Saturday the 30th October, me and my wife Anju were returning from Shanti Niketan to Kolkata in our Car Tata Safari on Kona Epressway.
The time was around 7.45 pm and we were approx 30 kms before Kolkata. Since the expressway did not have too much traffic, I was driving at speed of approx 120 kms. My Headlights were on low beam to avoid pot holes on the road. Two kms before Dankuni toll post, the expressway cops had stopped a truck in mid of road and were trying to exort some money from the the truck driver. I saw the truck lights as soon as it came within my head light beam and thought i will overtake the same. As i neared the truck my wife shouted that the truck is still and not moving , blocking the road with policemen standing on the left of truck.
I realised the same and slammed the brakes of my Safari. The car brakes locked but the vehicle skidded over 80ft and rammed head on in the rear of standstill truck. There was a loud thud sound and we were thrown forward against the wind screen but the seat belts held us back.
For a moment we both looked at each other in disbelief wondering how could we have survived in this crash ! I again asked my wife if she was ok.
Upon her affirming, I opened the door of the vehicle and got out to check the damage to the car or had i injured anyone else.
The cops, upon crash, realizing their fault in stopping truck in mid of expressway shooed away the impact truck and themselves disappeared into the darkness of night.
Here we were, in midst of expressway with a totally crushed car, ourselves unscathed, with no vehicle in sight with whom we could relate our crash to.
It was then that my wife called me from co passenger side of the car. She pointed towards the wind screen of the car. What i saw, made my eyes moist with tears.
A small Guruji's framed picture, which was firmly positioned on the center of the dashboard had uprooted itself and was resting against the windscreen facing the road.
Guruji pic had, on impact, positioned / braced itself and stopped damage or injury crossing the bonnet and reaching us.The car's bonnet, engine etc was completely crushed and crumpled with the impact.
Guruji, my wife Anju and me bow at your lotus feet for saving our lives and bringing us out unscathed from an accident. It was only your divine and gracious intervention that saved us from certain end. Indebted to you, forever. Pranam.
Jai Guru Dev.

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