Thursday, November 3, 2011

HE is my ART School

One such incident filled with grace and unconditional love has changed my life. Being good in art and getting A+ all my school life I always wanted to study art. Now as we know the best art schools in India are in Baroda and Mumbai. So after my 12th I extensively made my portfolio and applied to all the major art school. Sadly there was no JJ for me and not even Baroda. Disheartened I went for Chitrakala Mahavidhyalaya. (I hadn't done my course till then!). And then I did my basic course.

Soon I really stated enjoying my course. By the year end I was 2nd university merit. Suddenly it all started looking too easy. I was better than few of my teachers! (Seriously!) And I was getting bored of it. There was no challenge no inspiration. I was getting sad. With two more years to go I was seriously feeling low. One such day while surfing online I found out about University of Arts London. And behold I knew that is where I wanted to be. New challenge! How exciting. Soon I had a new portfolio full of work and all my application sent. Everything ready. About to take off. But then what! My interview is on the Silver jubilee day! Wah! Decision time. London or silver jubilee. Of course silver jubilee!!! I submitted my portfolio with all my paper work and told my councilor to hand it in. She looked at me with dismay and said you will have to come back next year they won’t take it. They rejected 300 people in the last interview they won’t take you without interviewing.

After the amazing experience of Silver Jubilee, I was anxiously waiting for my result. Even after 2 months had passed I heard nothing from them. Just when I was giving up I decided to surrender to the master first. Fortunately, I was in Bangalore ashram then. In satsang with Gurudev meditating. It was a beautiful experience with everyone singing and dancing. And now after 3 years, I am graduating next month that also from the Camberwell College of Arts-University of Arts, London, Batch 2006-2009 with BA (hons) Drawing 1st class degree.

When he says "You are taken care of” It has a different meaning all together. Jaigurudev

Juhi Kulkarni
London UK

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