Thursday, November 24, 2011

Give 1 and HE will give you 10 folds!!!

Jaigurudev - i belong to you all - Jakass

I planned to move to Australia when the whole world was in a turmoil with GFC. I left the safety net of being with parents and good job. So close to Ashram, approachable to teachers and courses. My heart sank at the thought of moving so far away.

However due to the situation, moving to Australia was a good thought. i had no job, no place to live, and no money. I was offered a place to stay for a short term. i thank my friend who offered his place for a short term.

Now it is 2 years, i never dreamt that i am buying a 4 bedroom house, enjoying a good career and family well settled. i never treasured life for many years, was pappu for a long time putting myself into trouble due to ignorance. Sadhana is the source of success and key to luck

Quite recently, made another discovery in the art of surrender. Jakasss
Remember guru is connected to you, have no doubt.

If it has changed my life, it can place you in a better situation than mine.


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