Thursday, October 27, 2011

Intention Surrendered To Guruji

With full of gratitude, I am sharing my guru story with all of you.

Guruji says, Keep Intention and Surrender, Your intention would be Manifested!!! We have practically experienced this in our life.

In the month of February 2011, we had a live Webcast with Guruji in New Zealand. This was the time when we first heard about the World Cultural Festival in Berlin, Guruji told all of us to come and be a part of celebration of the 30th anniversary of Art of Living. I and my wife were so excited to hear about the festival.

That day my wife had a strong intention to go to Berlin, she told me that we should definitely be a part of this once in a lifetime event. To be there one should have a good amount of spare money for travel tickets, accommodation and other expenses. We kept this intention in our mind with a strong faith that we would definitely go but don’t know how, so surrendered this intention to Guruji.

Our country coordinator for this event sent us an email saying that 27th March is the last day to confirm for the event ticket booking and suggest us to send the confirmation as soon as possible.

On 25th of March our intention manifested with Guruji’s grace and guess what ???? We won a lucky draw of the amount that was sufficient for the trip. Not more nor less. Isn’t it unbelievable? By the way,for Art of Living People this is “mostly believable”.

We have just come back from the Berlin with lots of memories tocherish for our lifetime. Guruji We love you ..

Jai Guru Dev,

With Love,

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