Thursday, October 20, 2011

Guru Takes Care Of His Devotees

I have always had the desire to cook and feed guruji, and that wish was fulfilled on may 26, 2007 when he was transiting via bahrain. A few teachers and volunteers were to meet him at the airport and serve him south Indian food which I had the opportunity to cook. But I also wanted to see him in person. So I went to the airport with my family where my husband booked us in first class in the flight which guruji was traveling by. However, we were lucky enough to meet him at the VIP lounge in Bahrain itself, so we cancelled our tickets. The icing on the cake was that guruji was pleasantly surprised as to how we got into the VIP lounge and further pleased us by asking the photographer to click a group photo with our family. He also blessed me with 3 silver coins in appreciation of the food that was served to him.

This is not all, that summer when we were traveling to Mumbai, surprisingly we got a free upgrade to first class! I believe this was truly guruji's grace as never before or after this incident we got to travel first class.

Such instances are what have made my faith in him stronger. I know that he is there for all his devotees and takes personal care of them.

Jai Guru Deva.
Veena Narayanan, teacher, Bahrain chapter.

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