Thursday, October 13, 2011

Everything has been arranged

I was invited to run a program at Cochin at the last minute as one of the Faculty had dropped out. I was in two minds if I should go or not. But something made me say yes. The Flight from Pune to Kochi was through Bangalore. I thought I should visit the ashram on my way back and just hoped to have a glimpse of Guruji.

So I got tickets such that I had a 8 hour halt at Bangalore. It was Sunday and I woke up early in the morning at 3 am. My flight was to reach at 8:30 AM to Bangalore which would mean I would be 10:30AM by the time I reached the ashram. Anticipating that I will miss my Long Kriya, I did my home Kriya and left for Bangalore. All the way along I was just wishing that I get a glimpse of Him. That was a very improbable proposition as I was going to be only for about 4 hours in the ashram,and was not even sure if he was in Bangalore. And even if he was, it would be very unlikely that I will get to see him other than at Satsang.

Anyways my Taxi reached the Ashram. There was a lot of rush in the Ashram. As soon as I got down infront of the info desk, I got a warm JGD from this young girl. She enquired if I had come for the refreshers course. I said I have come here to see Guruji. She said she does not know anything about it..but there is going to be Long Kriya at 11am in the refresher course and no registration was needed. That was like somebody did not want me to miss my Long Kriya.
There were 8000-10000 people in Yagya Shala. We did Disha Pranam then Long Kriya.. After the Kriya I just wished that I see Guruji when I open the eyes. And was he not to fulfil this wish also. He was there waiting. Then he said he is going to see everybody there. He walked and collected gifts and flowers from everybody. I felt bad that even this time I had not got anything for him although this time I wanted to get something. I even thought if I could give him some sweets that I had got with me. Right then he said,"Why do all get me sweets...Am I not sweet enough? You dont have to get anything for me, just do Seva, be of help to others and I will be happy". It was as if he was reading my mind. Then he came very close to where I was. And even glanced at me...for sure. I was very happy with almost tears in my eyes. I just hoped for a glimpse of him and he made all the arrangements got me a long Kriya when I came and also came so close and looked at me..What else could I have wished for. It was like a Dream come true.

But as if that was not enough, a way was created through people right next to me. I was constantly thinking if I should speak or not. Finally I decided I am going to. I said," Guruji Thank You". He gave me the most twinkling smile, Some thing that I had had the fortune of nearly 5 years back when I was in Canada. It was as if he knew it all. To top it up He gave the mike to me and said," Do you have to say something". I just told him the story and that I felt it was all arranged for me only". After that we all meditated and also heard His beautiful and melodious words in Kannada and English.
I Love you Guruji
Rajesh Dhopeshwarkar

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