Thursday, September 15, 2011

Guru Story- MASTER and US!!!

My father had not been keeping well for over a month now. Since Shillong does not have good medical facilities my family decided to take my father to Delhi. To our horror he was suspected of lung cancer. After performing a CT Scan and a PET Scan the doctors were 99% sure that he was sufering from lung cancer with multiple nodules observed in both his lungs. They took him in for biopsy. We decided to fly down to Bangalore to meet Guruji on his bday as the biopsy reports would come only after three days.

The flight from Delhi to Bangalore was painful for him but it was Guruji's call I guess. Soon things became alright and we reached Bangalore. My father felt that he had reached heaven's abode. We hired a flat a few kilometers away from the ashram. That evening he could not make it to the ashram for the satsang since he was not well.

We wrote conituous emails to Guruji, Swami Pragyapadji to seek their blessings. All the Swamiji's in the ashram were with us. Our letter reached Guruji and his secretary Girin Bhaiya called us up to inform that Guruji has read our letter and would meet us by 6.15. We could not make it on time as we were a few kms away from the ashram and there was no way we could make it by 6.15. Girin bhaiya informed that Guruji would meet us on the way to the satsang. How??? How would He recognize us? In the middle of lacs of devotees Guruji stopped in front of my parents. He blessed my father. He waved his hand over his head as though he was moving a magic wand and said that everything will be fine. He blessed my mother as well. We all felt as lite as a feather as though something heavy had been lifted. We were astonished that Guruji gave us such a beautiful darshan.

We left for Delhi the next day surrendering all our fears and worries on our Master's feet. My brother went to collect his report. In about 30 mins we get a call from my brother who could hardly speak but managed to say 'Jai Gurudev' before he broke down. The tests were negative. The doctors were surprised. It was a medical failure for them and a miracle for us.

Our lives our indebted to Guruji. Lets all do his work. Lets spread his message far and wide. He is there for each one of us. None is more blessed or more personal to Guruji. We are all his children and he will take care of us always. Just smile and love. All your messages reach Him. Just surrender.

Jasrasaria, Preeti.

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