Thursday, September 8, 2011


I was to join Tata Motors, Jamshedpur on the 1st of August 2011. The company would reimburse our travel from our hometown to Jamshedpur for rail 3AC, 2AC and economy class flight ticket in no-frills airlines. When I to book my ticket, I was not sure if we would be reimbursed for 2AC, so I got a 3AC ticket in coach B1 seat 32. Later when I got to know, I felt like "If only I had known earlier, I would have got a 2AC for myself..."

The day of journey (30th July) came. I went to the station. The train was at the platform. I checked the list outside coach B1 for my name but to my dismay found someone else's name against seat no. 32. I prayed to Guruji to help. I talked to the TTE who in turn checked my ticket and finding everything alright, said that he couldn't help and that I would have to talk with the conductor. I couldn't find the conductor, so I simply entered the coach and put my bag and baggage near seat 32 where the other man was already seated. The man said that his was a waiting-list ticket which was confirmed only that day.
I couldn't think of anything but knew I had to find the conductor. I kept the luggage there and got down the train where luckily I found the conductor who told me that my ticket might have been upgraded and so I should check the list properly. Now, till that day I had always wondered how it felt like to have one's ticket upgraded automatically and imagine my surprise and happiness when I found my name in the bottom of the list under UPGRADED. It said that I had been transferred to A1's seat no.1.
My mother who was with me to see me off, then told me "It's Guruji, isn't it?"
I could only smile and smile... :)


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