Thursday, September 1, 2011


Dear AOL and Non AOL family members,

Wish to share our GURU story as below

I  along with my family were heading towards ashram from banglore airport . On my way i searched alot to have a cake as following day was my daughter's birthday. 
Unfortunately  everyoutlet we checked had no eggless cake. 
Hence i convinced my  11  years old daughter to celebrate birthday without cake giving reason that ashram is a place where  formalities like cake cutting etc is not so important  and she should seek blessings of gurudev   ...  She was not very much convinced with my sales talks  to celebrate birthday without cake and she continued to demand for the same   which i failed to occomplish despite my best efforts .

Now see the miracle... To take care of a child's demand in gurudev's way. 

We were fortunate enough to meet guruji on the following day at ashram  and took blessings on my daughter's birthday .  Guruji then asked  her whether choclolate cake will be ok for her  to be arranged from kitchen.  
Listening to gurudev's statement, my daughter was simply  amazed with  wideopen eyes   as because chocolate flavour has been her favorite ! 
My wife , son & daughter came out of Ganga kutir with tears rolling down our eyes  which we could not stop as because It was  not about the cake but much beyond it .....  

It did not stop here alone but guruji cut the cake during evening satsang to make us all realized this amazing fact  that  how  Gurudev's attention reaches to such small requirement of one of his devotee  specially  when   Guruji is  so busy with  such a big responsibility at global level? This is just to be amazed about  his grace and care ! ! !  

All we can try and do a bit from our side is to  extend our hand to undertake seva to take ahead gurudev's mission as We can never payback what guruji is giving us continuously in the form of his blessings and care in our  day to day life .. 
I  picked up my daughter's experience to share onward  as she adores gurudev like a child  & keeps telling me that ' Papa you know that Guruji is not simple human but he is Bhagwan  & i nod my head in afirmation and then she will further reiteriate the same line saying  that donot  nod  head simply  but take my word for it  that 
 " GURUJI  IS  BHAGWAN ". What else to share beyond this ???



Narendra  Singh

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