Thursday, July 28, 2011


Guru Story - You Can Never Lose When I am with You

There is a story which Swami Pragyapadji (my blessing course teacher) told us which I want to share. Few years back, when Swamiji was working on a very challenging project in AOL, he was going through a lot of disappointments. One day he decided he could take it no longer and went to speak with Guruji about changing his project. When all the people had left the room, and he was alone with Guruji, Guruji looked at him and said "If tomorrow all the people of the world turned against you, will you be able to handle it ?"Swamiji got very scared at such a question and was thinking in his mind "Ok I will not ask you to change my project, but pls do not ask me such questions!" Guruji then said "How can you lose when I am with you!" This was the most inspirational Guru story we heard during the Blessings course.

Swamiji told us no matter how bad the situation is, how hopeless it looks know that Guruji is always with you. There might be many setbacks in life, but you will not lose, since GURU himself is behind you! Hope those of you who have not yet done the Blessings /Healing course, will go for it as soon as possible. After this course, it seems, every step, good or bad, is led by the Divine.

Jai Gurudev!
A Devotee

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