Thursday, July 14, 2011


Guru Story - Non Stop Grace!!!

Jai Gurudev,
A short intro – how guruji came into my life, how grace is flowing non stop.
Just one day before my 12th (2nd PUC) exams results, set out to seek blessings of lord ganesha and shiva with my other friends to a temple in Bangalore (raggi gudda). However, i was an atheist at that point in time and only accompanied my friends till the temple. They tried convincing me that god blessing is required to pass (50% our effort 50% god's blessing). Convincingly i said if i get 505 i am happy, as 35% is pass marks, rest god can have it with him.
As they proceded towards the temple, i was wondering how i can make the time more worth while. There was a banner which said "Bhagavath gita discourse". I thought this would keep me occupied, and i went into the small hall. Everyoe was smiling and laughing to the man's speech. i thought he was shivabala yogi on the first instant. After a while when everything was finished for the evening, it was 9pm and this man was very interesting to see. Kept watching him and i had spent about 3 hrs. This man was non other than our guruji. well i sought his blessings and left. My results did come and i had passed.
I did get a chance to meet him again in 2005. I sought his blessing and went a ahead with my eye surgery. Before the operation, the surgeon's assistance performed few checks and found that my pulse was below 34/min. I am not sure they say it should at least be 72 normal or some when around that score. However she hesitantly asked me if i had taken any drugs (prescription). She referred it to the surgeon. He asked me the same question, and then he said this can be only achieved by trained sportsmen. However, my surgeon was happy the way the operation went and thanked me for cooperating. All that glaucoma and eye problem has now gone without a trace. He has stood by me till date. I get regular check up and the doctor say i am doing good. Many things changed ,my career has lined up, my family settling down. Guruji my small daughter who is 7 months now looks at his photo and smiles. She has not met him but she will know about him or even may know about him

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