Thursday, July 21, 2011


Guru Story - Safeguard Assured

It was already 6.10 and I had to reach the center (Guru Kutir) at 6.20. I was assisting the part-1 course and was getting late for it. I came out running from the apartment and just as I came out of the premises. I found an auto and was happy that now I will reach to the center on time. Auto reached the crossing and signal became red. Present moment is inevitable. Anyhow after some time the signal became green. Road was very less crowded so auto was at its full speed.

I was about to reach guru kutir and suddenly gharrrrrrrrrrrrrr cheeeeeeeee the auto skidded and fell down. I was lying in the auto and auto was dragging me in full speed. Gharrrrrrrrrrrrr Cheeeeeeeeeee and here stopped the auto. I don't know how much distance I covered getting dragged. Lots of people on the road gathered and took me and auto driver out of the broken auto. I saw the auto driver was having some scratches. I paid him money, told him to go to the doctor and hurried towards Guru Kutir. But after going few steps, suddenly my steps stopped and I turned back to confirm whether I have really come out of the auto with my whole body or is my soul running towards Guru Kutir. I was standing with my full body with maximum one or two scratches, only my dress was torn and slipper was broken.

Suddenly I remembered Guru ji's answer to someone's question, "If due to bad time your head is to be cut only your hat will get damaged your head will remain safe as I am with you"

Thank you Guru ji. Thanks again and again for always being with me.
Jai Gurudev!
Bandana Jha
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