Thursday, July 7, 2011


I remembered the day of March 2010 when i was studying and Maa came to me and told that why dont you tell to your GURUJI to find a match for your sister ,as they were looking for last one year but didnt got. I told to her look Maa its not like that k if i have done the course then HE is only my GURUJI and listen to me only.He is THE GURU OF UNIVERSE and even if you pray he will also listen to you.

And the next day I went to chandigarh as my graduation exam was going to be started soon.When i came back to HANSI (my home town in HARYANA) after my exams she shared something from me and I was amazed after listen to her.

She said - "Nitesh the day you went to chandigarh in the same evening I prayed to GURUJI in front of his photo nearby your bed and was not able to stop my tears and in the same night he came in my dream. He was sitting quite and even I told nothing to her. There were some white slips he had with him , he picked one of them and gave to me.As i opened , a date was written on it and it was 10/10/10."

So after listening I told to her so then forget evrything HE is looking the matter and you have no need to worry about any thing now. May paased,June passed ,July passed.....we didnt find any match for her.It was last week of AUG when Maa said its less than one and half month left now to 10/10/10. I said so what, whatever may happen the date is going to be 10/10/10 only because i was determined that GURUJI will do itself.

And with in next two day we find a match for her and she got engaged on 2/9/10 , the day of JANAMASHTMI.
AND the same happen it was 10/10/10 only , the day when my sister went to her new home.It was his grace only which did all the work and even after some days i received a letter fron Banglore Aashram with words that ," GURUJI sends his love and blessings on the auspicious occassion of the weding of your daughter Gomakshi with Kapil".

I have learned alot after this experience that if one is dedicatidely do their SEVA,SADHNA n SATSANG, every thing is taken care by him, every thing.


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