Thursday, June 23, 2011

Guru Story - Weaving Magic
Dear AOL family members,
Guruji has done a lot for me, off and on, sometimes I realise it, sometimes I guess I don't ! I would like to share one of my experiences with you today ............
It was a Sunday in the month of March, I had gone for my long kriya, where they announced that an advanced course with Rishi Nitya Pragya ji was going to happen in Delhi soon. I had long wanted to do an Advanced course(my first one) and had prayed to Guruji many times to make it happen ! The dates were announced for the course and I just silently reflected if I could manage it - it seemed to be clashing with an important official meeting. I was disheartened, went home , asked my husband if I could skip the appointment, and he replied in the negative ....... nothing doing, work comes first ........... was his stand!
Deep in my hearts, I still nurtured the desire to do the course and kept praying to Guruji silently, then one day, a few days before the registration was going to close, I got an email from my client shifting the meeting date herself which would give me the precious 3.5 days to experience the course ....... and I jumped with glee ...... i knew for sure that this was not a coincidence but a silent working of Guruji who had made it happen ......
And, this time my husband could not refuse .... I went on to register and participate in the course and fulfill my heart's desire ...... Thank you Guruji for listening to our woes so patiently and working on them like magic .......... Thank you for being in our lives ..............Jai Gurudev ! 

Geetanjali Lala
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