Thursday, June 2, 2011

Guru Story - We Just Have to Surrender!!

This whole life is a Guru story. When I look back and think of how my journey started on this path, there are no words to express my feelings but to just have tears of gratitude in my eyes. Life is full of Guru stories now. Every moment and every breath I take is my Guru's grace. This is the story I felt like sharing.
Last year my 11 year old daughter Khushbu was chosen to go to Taiwan as an exchange student from school (The Lakes College) for 3 weeks. I was not too keen to send her. All sorts of thoughts started coming in my mind – It's so far away, what sort of people will she encounter, who will host her, we don't know them, what about food, it will be difficult as she is vegetarian, what if something happens and the thoughts kept coming. I was so anxious and not wanting her to go. She really wanted to go. I prayed to Guruji and asked him what shall I do. A few days later she woke up and came straight to my husband Nilesh and myself with a piece of paper with something written on it. I read it and really taken back with what she had written. So I asked her where did you get this from. She told us that just before her eyes opened that morning she had a dream. So as soon as she woke up she wrote it down. In her dream Guruji was performing Guru Pooja. After the Pooja, He came and gave her a hug and said "Life is like a coin. You can only spend it once so spend it wisely". At that moment all my worries and anxiousness just left me. As if some big burden has been lifted. I just felt so hollow and empty. It was just amazing. The was no more worries and anxiousness. At that moment I said to her that you can go to Taiwan because Guruji will take care of you. I signed the papers and left it at that.
There were still a few months to go before she went with a group of students and an accompanying teacher. Before they went, the Taiwan students and their accompanying teacher for last year, Rubeka came to Brisbane. We were hosting one Taiwanese student (Christine). The school newsletter came out and the school was looking for a family to host the teacher. No one had come forward to host the teacher so it came out in the newsletter. Normally the school chinese teacher hosts the accompanying Taiwanese teacher. Last year for some reason she decided not to be the host. We have ample of space in our house so we put our name forward to host the teacher also. We just mentioned to Khushbu's chinese teacher that we are vegetarians so the student and whichever teacher comes will only get vegetarian food. She said that's fine. The day came to pick them up from the airport. Nilesh and Khushbu went to pick them up while I was at home doing the preparations. When they arrived home Nilesh said guess what, Rubeka is vegetarian and she doesn't eat onion and garlic. I said wow, that's great. Over the 4 weeks they were with us, Khushbu got very close to Rubeka. The guests were enjoying the Indian food also. Rubeka told us that she wants to host Khushbu when she comes to Taiwan. Christine stayed in the hostel. So Rubeca said that in the weekdays Khushbu can stay with her and she can take Khushbu to school everyday. And in the weekend Khushbu can go to Christine's place. I thought that sounds good. When I met Khushbu's chinese teacher, she also mentioned that Rubeka was really keen to host Khushbu. I said that will work out really well. We know who she will be with and there will be no problems with food. I was so happy. The guests left after a month. The had become part of the family. After a few months it was the The Lakes College turn to go to Taiwan. We gave Khushbu a mobile phone so we can be in touch any time. The accompanying teacher was Sharon, Khushbu's class teacher who Khushbu was close to also. I knew she will be taken care of. Before they went to Taiwan there was an earthquake warning. I wasn't worried at all. I just felt it will be OK. While they were in Taiwan there was a typhoon. One day a got a frantic phone call from Khushbu. She was stuck in a car with Christine and her family. And she said the flood water was rising. It had come nearly half way of the car. I told her not to panic and just pray to Guruji and chant Om Namah Shivaya. Nilesh was so surprised. Normally I would be the one panicking the most. That night when I talked to her she said that she did as I told her and the car started to move. They got out of the flood waters safely. There was also an earthquake while she was there. Other than that she had a wonderful time in Taiwan. She was looked after well by Rubeka and Christine's family who were spoiling her by buying her gifts and taking her to Indian restaurants. She came back safe and sound and with a fond memory of Taiwan.
While she was in Taiwan, I was looking at some photos of their school camp. In one of the photos I noticed something. She was walking on the high ropes over a deep valley with a harness attached to her. I noticed that there were orbs surrounding her. I looked at all her camp photos and there were a number of them with orbs around her. When she came back from Taiwan I showed them to her. She said you know mummy, in all the ones there are Angels, I was afraid at the time. She was either in a jungle in those photos or doing some dangerous activity. I saw these photos a few days before I had received the frantic call from Taiwan. So when I received the frantic call, I knew she is surrounded by Angels.
Khushbu wasn't regular in doing her Kriya. I had to keep forcing her everyday. Then I gave up. Didn't want to force her anymore. Just prayed to Guruji to take care of it. One day she came to me and said, mummy I feel good when I do Kriya. So from that day onwards she does Kriya everyday. .
No matter how bad or hopeless the situation is, His Grace carries us through. I now know that The Master of the universe is always watching over us or sends His Angels to take care of us. He takes care of every situation, worry and desire. We just have to surrender and forget about it
Jai Gurudev.
With Love,
From Brisbane, Australia.

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