Thursday, June 16, 2011

Guru Story - Saved from Crash!!!

Guruji saved me from a car crash over the weekend!
Was in Upstate NY 140 miles away from home to lead a kriya, & in-spite of high winds & snow.. something pulled me to that place to lead kriya.
Kriya went well, it was very deep one… could feel how much they were longing for it.
Next I was headed to another near by town.. to meet a friend who was sick & it was her birthday the next day & I wanted to surprise her.
.. roads weren't that great but was driving carefully, sun had set & it was dark.
I remembered that I didn't complete the Guru pooja chanting that morning.. so started chanting again as I was 20miles away to reach my destination.
I passed a hotel where Guruji stayed 5 years back when he visited the town Ithaca. Was refreshing those glorious moments.. roads very slippery.. I was heading down the hill.. at low speed..
after couple of miles I see that a car has stopped diagonally on the road blocking my way.
My Guru pooja chanting had reached till Vastram samarpayani( wiping the feet after bath)..
My breaks wouldn't stop. I know either I will be crashing this car hitting on passenger side or only option is to hit the gas station on right corner..
Ok I wasn't panicked at all.. but I know I don't have any options..
All of a sudden my steering turned & I was guided to pass through a very narrow space between the standing car & a big hill of snow at the corner of gas station. It didn't appear to me earlier that a car could pass through that space..
Okay I passed from there, but don't know where I will land myself next with my driving skills & those sudden movezs.. how the car could stabilize.
Astonishingly so smoothly… my two wheel Accord found its balance & as though nothing has happened I passed through that zone..back on road & I continuing my Guru pooja chanting :-)
Have driven in Upstate for 5 years but never found a car stabilize out of such moves.
Absolutely no fear/panic mode I found myself in.
No doubt or second thought of Him not being there with me guiding all along :-) 
My car bumper is slightly broker but I am 100% alright.
Reached my destination safe, & next day I was lucky enough to lead another kriya at the place where I started with AOL seva:-)
Something kept pulling me to both cities to lead kriya/be present there… don't know what it was. Only acting for that moment was my part I guess.
This is the second time in a row that I am saved from such incidents while I was headed for Seva.
Its so true, if we take just one step for seva, he completely takes in charge of our life.
He reminds me again again that this LIFE is His gift!
I can't be wasting my time.. I am here not for anything else but being in Seva, in love & in company of people like you all.
Dn't want to give Him extra work, I am shopping for a sturdy 4 wheel car now.. :-)
Love & Jai Gurudev!
Arati Hunsemara

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