Thursday, June 9, 2011

Guru Story - Lungs Are Clear!!!!

Hello, Art of Living Family,

In light of our upcoming Art of Living Course in Castro Valley on May 12, 2011 taught by our dear Satinder, I'd like to share about my Aunt Julita (who I endearingly call Tita J or TJ). She had her first taste of the Art of Living on March 19.

Unbeknownst to me and my family, TJ has been hiding a mass in her lungs that showed up on 2 different X-rays. This April 14th (almost a month after her Art of Meditation Course with Denise Marcus and meditating every day), she went for a CAT-scan to confirm the mass. A few minutes before her scan, she started feeling dizzy in the waiting room. She described the feeling, "As if something was sucking me up from the top of my head." She said the force was so strong that she kicked so hard and even hit her head on the back wall of her chair. She fainted and was taken to the emergency room. Because she was already in the testing area, the doctor thought to do the CAT-scan anyway. After 45 minutes, her doctor came back and said, "Mrs. Gomes, your lungs are clear. I can't explain it." The mass was no longer there. I believe she had a huge release and Guruji took some karma away.

My aunt has been smoking for 30+ years. This is the main reason she took the Art of Meditation. Since her CAT-scan and because the meditation practice has calmed her nerves enough, she hasn't smoked for 12 days. She showed me what she does when she gets a craving and it seems like she discovered ujayii breath on her own. She takes in breaths (thru her teeth) to stop the craving.

For work, my aunt collects money from insurance companies. A funny comment by one of her co-workers, "Julita, this is not good. You don'yell at people on the phone anymore. Your collection is gonna go down." Before her meditation class, her department averages $1.5 million in collection for a certain period. After her meditation class, her department has collected $3.1 million.

TJ will be taking the Art of Living Course on May 12. I highly recommend that you do too and bring along your loved ones with you. I never thought I'd see the day that my aunt comes home to herself. It's quite moving to watch her fully enjoy the herbs she planted in her garden without a cigarette in hand. She said last night, "I'm so happy my cilantro now has little sprouts." She's like a little child—so happy, so innocent, so in the present moment.

Don't deprive anyone of the opportunity of a life of ease and grace. Share about our upcoming course and/or register now: Reviewers wanted too =^).


Kat Ben

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