Thursday, June 30, 2011

Guru Story  - Guru Purnima experience at Hartford, Connecticut, July 25 2010

Guru Purnima 2010 celebrations were held in the presence of Guruji at Connecticut Convention Center, Hartford, Connecticut, USA on 25 July.

Here is my experience at the Guru Purnima celebrations:

As soon as I got to know about the celebrations at Hartford, I started looking for travel and accommodation options. Regarding travel, fortunately I had a $150 coupon I had got from an airline I had traveled in June for a minor inconvenience they had caused to me. Now, I was wondering about the accommodation and within a couple of days my friend, a previous colleague whom I had worked with for about 1.5 years, posted a few pictures of Hartford. I asked him if he had visited Hartford and he replied saying that he is moving to Hartford in the first week of July!! Accommodation arranged!!

Regarding the air fare, another of my friends helped me in getting a good deal, along with the $150 coupon, due to which I got a round trip within $225!!

I was planning to use taxi to my friend's house and to get to the Convention centre. When I mentioned this to my friend, I got another surprise- he said he has a car and will pick me up at the airport! He also dropped me at the convention centre and picked me up after the celebrations. He also dropped me back to the airport at 4:45 AM the next day! 

Now, lets come to the experience I had AT the convention centre on Guru Purnima day:

The entrance to the hall is on the left from the audience side, i.e from Guruji's side, it is on the right. My friend and I were sitting almost at the right (around 70% distance from the door and 60% from the front- crazy math, I know) . After the celebrations, when Guruji was about to leave, he chose to come STRAIGHT at us-bang on! A path was created where there was no path.. we just had to turn to the right and sit, thats it!! We had a close darshan of Guruji! He took a L shaped route to go to the exit. After Guruji left, we also had the fortune of taking the blessings of Swami Pragyapad ji. Finally, of course, we had great prasaad-mouth watering Indian food!!

This is just one of the experiences where Guruji bends logic and arrranges everything into place.. paths are created where there are no paths.. As Guruji beautifully puts it "Where there is connection, there is attention"

- Gautam Srikrishna

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