Thursday, May 5, 2011

Guru Story - The Juice Of My Life

I started running from the parking lot, didn't look at the traffic lights or stop signs. I was gasping for breath. Meera had called 3 mins ago said, 'Guruji is here, where you? Park the car somewhere and come'. Literally, I parked the car I don't know where, found a spot, parked it and just ran for my life. Just one thought, He is here and I want to see his face. He is here, that's it. I entered the hotel lobby and none from the crowd was in there. I found one Indian guy and asked, 'where did they go', 'They all just left'; I asked 'which floor', '5th'. I dashed to the elevator and went to the 5th floor, or it seemed like it. Looked left and right, there was no one. I ran all over that floor, there was no one. I tried to reach Meera but it didn't go through. I got back in the elevator and tried to go to some other floor and started looking. Finally she calls me back and says they are in the 5th, by that time I was back in the elevator and this time I went to the true 5th floor and there was the crowd outside his room. Finally! I thought.

'Guruji is having dinner' Aditya told me. 'Where is the box?' I looked at Meera. 'He took it from me' she said apologetically,' Wow, really?, No, that's good, it's for Him only'. I was glad that He took the Pulihora I made for him, not too glad because I was parking the car when all this happened, but glad nevertheless. There were 15 people waiting outside His room, all of us trying ways to get in. I took the proclamation which we got from the mayor of college station in my hand, so that I can show it Guruji. Suddenly couple of people came there and the door opened for them to go in. I lined along with them and got thru! Someone tried to stop me as I was getting in, I said, ' I have a document which I want to show Guruji' pointing at the declaration I was holding.

When I entered, there were two more doors, one to my right was the kitchen and the one to the left was the place where He was staying. I tried to get into his room. Gita ji said no, he is having dinner. I said, 'well I just want to see him', 'No'. But people have been going in and out of the room. I got really infuriated, I tried to go in again, she said ' Guruji is not seeing anyone', 'He may not be seeing anyone but I want to see him just once', then Krishna ji came and held my hand and pulled me out, 'Krishna ji don't hold my hand', I said. I was mad at all these people. 'I drove 500 miles and now I can't even see him from this far' I told Bill who just came out. Fine I thought let me wait here and try to see him when the door opens while people keep moving in and out. Bill was trying to tell me something. I don't know what happened then; I hugged him and said i belong to you. I don't know what made me say that. Then Bill said' let me give you a blessing'. He placed his hands on my head and gave one!

By this time a lady came out of His room with some plates. 'Did he eat the yellow colored rice?' I asked, ' She said 'Yes' gleefully, ' He loved it, Thanks for bringing it in we didn't have any rice' and she went into the kitchen. Mikey came out of the room, he was looking well fed. He gave a big smile and asked ' How are you'. I asked 'Did He eat the yellow rice? ', 'Oh, the rice with the nuts in it?', 'Ya, I made it, 'He loved it, He had three servings and I had four', Mikey said. I was all glad, finally. I had woken up morning at 5.30. Showered and then did my kriya and then cooked for Him. I spent the previous evening cleaning the stove and the kitchen floor, bought new utensils and all that. I cooked Pulihora (Puliyodarai in Tamil) with so much love and attention, while listening to Rudram in the background. ' Guruji, this is all my love for you and you alone. Please have it', I prayed so many times while I made it. I didn't taste it and packed all of it in a box and took it along. We drove for 7 hours and reached the hotel where He was staying. I gave the box to Meera while I went to park the minivan. Guruji came in during this time and he went straight to Meera, He looked at the box and asked 'What is it', 'Food, Guruji', 'What food?', 'Puliyodarai', Meera replied hesitantly as she was waiting for me to come and give the box to Gurudev, 'Oh, give it to me'. He just snatched it from her hand and left!!!

'Nagumomu Ganaleni naa jaali telisi', I was singing to myself while I waited and waited outside His room. Just to catch a glimpse of his face. I felt like bursting into tears for a few moments. Some teachers and the people who came out where talking to me, I don't what they were saying; my mind was elsewhere, my heart just waiting to see Him. So after a few more mins, the door opened again, and I peeped in, there He was, standing a few feet away, was speaking on the phone in Tamil. After a few more moments, He looks to me and nods His head acknowledging me. Total Bliss! Waves of Happiness lashed out at me!

'Guruji, did you like the Pulihora?', I asked Him sitting at his feet in His room. After dinner, He called all the people who were waiting outside. ' Ya, I liked it, that was my lunch, dinner, everything. Thats all I ate today, Puliyodarai'. He smiled and paused,' Who made it ?' He asked, ' Guruji, I made it' came the prompt reply. He patted my shoulder with His left hand, 'good, good' He said and smiled. Heaven! How nice it was and how beautiful. Precious moments, if there is anything worth, it is the time spent with Him.

Folks, this is just story #1. Lots happened that day and the following day at the hotel and also at the airport. Simply great moments. If we observe, this is what it is, simple episodes involving a couple of conversations with Him. No magic wands, no great revelations of truth or anything. Just a few lines spoken with love and care. Just being in His presence. This is the juice of life.
Lots of love to you all.

Jai Gurudev !

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