Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guru Story - It was HIM!!!

I am on this path with GURUJI since 2002 .. have done all the courses including TTC 1.GURUJIs grace has always been there with me .i want to share one small incident that happened in my life a few days back .

My son studies in a boarding school .he is in 3rd std .last week the school had sports meet and exeat for 2 days after that. my wife and i had decided not to go coz of financial and family issues .but as the day came near my wife started tellin me to go for a day or 2 .we had huge arguments and ' husband wife fights '.the sports meet was on friday and on thursday will really really had a huge arguments ..the argument was that he is too young and he will want us there .i was kinda depress and praying to GURUJI . then we went to satsang that night .i always go to satsangs and GURUJI takes all my worries .that night i just prayed to GURUJI TO TAKE CARE OF MY SON COZ I WAS SURE NOT GOING .

We could talk on phone with my son for 10 mins every saturday .so we called him on saturday …. to my surprise and ofcourse HIS grace we talked with my son for atleast one hour in the morning and one hour in the evenig on saturday and sunday .we talked so much that my son was telling me 'dad keep the phone i want to go and play with friends'. the school had taken him and other kids to town .they went to amusement park ,go carting ,and did all the masti that any parent would do .they were given best of food in 2 days .my son was so so so happy .he had a blast .my wife was very very happy too.

On monday when i was doing my sadhna everything recollected in my mind from thursday ka fight se leke sunday night .o man it was HIM .he took care of my son so well that if i would have gone there i also wouldnt do so much .i really really thank HIM for this n HE coming into my life .my entire life has changed for better and best
love u loads GURUJI


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