Thursday, May 19, 2011

Guru Story - Indeed It Happens

This is Vijay, a resident of Delhi and I did my Part 1 course in Nov. 2007. Many incidents happened and I met Guruji and other AOL teachers and each event meeting brought me closer and close to Guruji, AOL family. I work with an MNC in Gurgaon and based out of Delhi. In our company there are various businesses and each business is usually handled in an independent manner with its own HR and Head for operations. During last year from Oct. 2010 onwards problems started happening in my professional life and a fear of loosing my job became prominent. Cost cutting and Headcount rationalization drives started and as a result many people either quit or were asked to leave. I came on bench and was given a deadline of 31st Dec. 2010 to either find a role or leave the company. By HIS Grace and blessings of AOL family i kept my cool and put in efforts to network and find a suitable role. Then before Diwali i had a chance to meet GURUJI at Noida. I spoke just few words "Guruji with you one doesn't have to demand, ones requirements gets fulfilled without even asking for it…you know everyones' requirements". At this he smiled and said "Aisa Ho Jaata Hai na (Indeed it happens)" and HE moved forward with a smile.
Very next day there were 2 interactions with 2 different clients and both materialized. I took one of the opportunity and went to Hyderabad on 9th Nov.and interacted with the teams there. It was agreed that i'll relocate to Hyderabad and will join that department from 1st week of Dec. and returned back to Delhi. The assignment with the 2nd client wanted me to relocate to US for a long time and my family wouldn't be able to join me for such a long duration and thus I was not so keen. However on 20th while i was in Delhi I recieved a call stating that Hyderabad opportunity has got cancelled and the concerned business doesn't have the budget and they are sorry for any inconveniences. I was once again at crossroads. I spoke to the Head of my Department and also met senior HR person and explained that without any fault of mine the Hyderabad opportunity i cancelled and they should extend my grace period. After a much persuasion the grace period was extended to 31st Jan
As Dec. started majority of senior people went on leave and thus the chances of new assignment, project getting started also reduced. I floated my profile to HR and head of Businesses within my company and expressed my availability to work with them. However everyone suggested that something will only be possible in Jan' 11. Days passed and new year came and people started joining back from their vacations by 10th of Jan. I once again started meeting the concerned people. This time the situation was better. 2 – 3 new roles and opportunities developed and it became 23rd of Jan. However nothing as such materialized. On 25th my HR once again expressed that they will not be able to extend the grace period and if nothing fruitful happens i've to leave on 31st. I still didn't loose hope as GURUJI is always there with me. Suddenly on 25th evening I received a call for a type of role I was looking for and the client wanted a resource urgently. An interview was fixed with client on 28th Jan i.e. last Friday in the evening. On Friday in the morning HR once again sent me a mail reminding that time is closing by and what is the status. Throughout on 28th I was on a high energy and GURUJI's presence reminded me. At the scheduled time by around 7 P.M. i had my interview with client and he instantly liked me and offered me the role and on-boarded me.
All the worries simply evaporated and has made my faith much stronger in GURUJI and AOL family.
Thanks to all
Jai Gurudev

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