Thursday, April 7, 2011

Guru Story - THE "TYRE"  MIRACLE

My name is Ravi. I am originally from Bangalore, quite clos to Ashram. Currently living in Perth, Australia.

One of the most touching experience was when i driving between Sydney and Perth (2004). I had a job interview over the phone from Perth, which clicked and had to join in a weeks time. I had to make a choice to fly and get the car transported by road. I had 1 week and without a car its tough to commute to my new job. However, i had done only a basic course (1996) at that point in time. My younge brother who was in Australia was winding up for good, and had some bhajans from AOL. He left them all for me.

Between Sydney & Perth, its a distance between 2 tips of the continent (About 6000 kms). However for my journey i had vey little time for major preparation. its a gutsy thing to make an adventure in a small car thru the desert. However, istarted with a good feeling and the only music that was running thru and thru the whole journey was guru brhama guru vishu and few bhajans snug by bhanu didi.

I was just about to hit the nalabore stretch the folloing day. As i was driving may be @ 140 - 160 kms/hr , listening to guru brahma, Ganesh om my tyre blew (Rear LH) into pieces, shaking my car as though its going to roll on the ground. I was astonished to see that it came to a slow stop without maknig a scract on the ground, nor any major problem to my wheel.

No one to help as peolpe rarely travel on tha stretch. Got on the ground, may be which is 50° C + and replaced it with spare, which had low air pressure. Well, i had one song and one destination. When ireached the nearest town got the tyre relpaced to a new one and continued my journey.

My journey began then and guruji is with me now and for ever. even a small peek to see him brings so much happiness and treat for the soul. His grace is with me always. love you guruji.

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