Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guru Story - Money to Divine Honey

My name is Vikas Sheth. I joined The WONDERFUL Art of Living (AOL) due to the compulsion of my little wonderful sister Vishva Sheth. I had always thought that way to a happy life is by putting all my efforts into earning MONEY. When I used to hear people say "I'm out with my family", I used to think he just 'wasted' an entire day because he did not earn MONEY! As you can easily figure out my pathetic life! All I thought was MONEY! So, I rarely had any time to make friends. I rarely went to get–togethers, outings or with my family. Then, I met Shyam. He was the enlightenment! He works as an analyst in well known bank (which is serious work!) and yet he is not drained out or sad and I bet his family is happy! The question then arose, WHAT DID HE DO THAT I DID NOT DO?

After meeting him, I enrolled into the YES+ program. There, I thought that I will be taught the way to earn more MONEY! (Silly me!!). Virat and Vasudha headed the course. They were the FIRST TRUE FRIENDS I EVER HAD! I went through many 'silly processes' which at the end had completely transformed me! After the course, I got the answer of the above question! IT'S NOT THE MONEY! ITS ME! If I'm HAPPY, everyone else is HAPPY! When they were HAPPY, I could perform better at work! IT ALL STARTS WITH ME!

There at the course, Virat also said that I must enjoy my work. If I don't, there is something seriously wrong with the job. He told us the good side about doing your own thing. At first, it did not make much sense! HOW IS ONE SUPPOSED TO ENJOY WORK? The next day when I went to work, this time, I tried to enjoy it but, I simply could not! At the end of the day, I seriously started feeling that something is wrong with my job and that I'm supposed to be somewhere else! But where? I got an offer from the U.A.E. at the same post with 4 times my current pay! But, it would be the same old thing which I would not like to do. I always enjoyed designing steel structures (especially Scaffolding Systems). Then I thought of Guruji, asking him what should I do? The very next day, my friend called me proposing me his business venture. At first, I did not pay any heed but the moment he said the phrase "Design of Scaffolding Systems", I accepted the offer! I'm today one of the five partners of RAAJ Scaffolding Services, our new company!

Happiness at last! Today, I ENJOY at my work place, I own a company and I design SCAFFOLDING SYSTEMS which I always enjoyed and I earn good profits! Wow! My family is also happy! On Sundays, I'm fresh! We all have a nice time and I actually have AN OUTING WITH MY FAMILY!

This like a dream comes true! Thanks to My wonderful sister Vishva, my Good friend Shyam and Vasudha Didi and my best Friend Virat! I've also decided to help AOL in building the Youth Center in Bangalore by designing and providing Scaffolding Systems. That's like moving from Money to Divine Honey.

Vikas Sheth
Mumbai, India

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