Thursday, April 14, 2011

Guru Story - Guru's Grace

Today was a wonderful day! On Sunday evening we had a meeting on Skype with Swami Jyotirmaya because we are having a tour of "Wake up and Shake up" courses around Bulgaria and the last and biggest event is in Sofia.

In 3 days Swamiji has reached 700 people and has transformed their lives totally! But still we have to work a lot to reach the goal of 2000 people for Sofia. And the meeting we had was excatly about this.

After the talk we had on Sunday with Swamiji and Avinash ji I got really inspired to bring 250-300 people to the event with Swamiji in Sofia. But I had a doubt of how to achieve this goal. So, I went to bed with a prayer to Guruji to help us reach our goal.

As Avinashji proposed at the end of the meeting we all agreed to have morning Sadhana together the next weeks at 7 am in our AOL center in Sofia. Monday morning after 2.30 hours Sadhana we were ready to continue our day!

Me and my fiancee Martin had a meeting with a couple of our volunteers. And suddenly talking about the upcoming event and the meeting we had yesterday, they said they want a whole book of tickets - 10! After that I had an appointment for fiziotherapist and there also i sold 3 tickets. At the end of the day me, Martin, Sana, Yasin and Elena (my sister, brother and mother) went on a meeting with a famous Indian dancer and speaking of the event she said she will take a book of 10 tickets for her dance team! We sold 23 tickets for few hours without any effort just by spending casual time with people.

So, at 2 am same evening I was still awake and full gratefulness in my heart that I couldn't fall asleep unless sharing this experience with the rest of our Bulgarian teachers. I was so happy and contented and grateful to Guruji! Again and again He is showing us that He is with us and taking care of everything, we just have to be focused, have faith and pray!

With much Love and Gratefulness,

Sarah Alsbey

Sarah Alsbey
Coordinator YES Program - Bulgaria
The Art of Living Foundation

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